Tuesday, March 22, 2011


My darling friend Saedi invited me and Liam to come stay the night Friday. I put a pasta salad together the night before, packed our stuff, and we headed to Utah County right after work/school Friday. Fortunately Liam fell asleep on the way down... I knew he'd be up late playing with the boys and any extra winks were welcome.

We arrived 3 minutes before I said we'd get there. I was amazed with myself! To think I was stressed the night before to get everything done and also hit the store on the way to their house to get dessert and also a meat for the salad... it turned out just fine.

Saedi and Dan had a great dinner all set up. Dan grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and we dug in! It was so delicious to eat a summer themed meal and with fun friends to boot!!

The boys were loud and busy the rest of the night. Saedi and I settled into the couches and chatted the night away. It was so fun to be with a practical modern day woman that really "gets it" when it comes to motherhood, marriage, and loyalty in friendship - in summary... the value of hard work! She is a breath of fresh air in so many ways.

Saturday morning came too soon, but I got up and made sausage balls and cut up some melon. Soon Saedi was joining me with tired eyes and made some wonderful whole wheat pancakes for us all. YUM!

The boys played video games and us moms kept on chatting while we did some productive homemaking stuff too.

Right before I made Liam get dressed for the day, I remembered I brought my camera to get a photo of the boys together. Funny they weren't so agreeable as they have been in past visits. Liam had a grumpy face on, Ethan was posing Kellan's cute face, Mason enjoyed contorting his own face, and Aiden was the only one concerned about the right pose! Gosh these boys are a crack up! I wouldn't expect anything less from a group that has a mother as outgoing and expressive.

Thank you, Saedi, for being a great example to me and also getting me out of my element for part of the weekend. Give Dan another "thank you" for letting us just hang and be mostly unproductive. I so appreciated that time with you.


Saedi Oldham said...

Awww....I'm blushing. You're too kind, dear friend.

Anissa said...

That little guy on the far left of the couch looks just like Saedi. So stinking cute! :)