Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Good Moment Report

Yesterday morning I woke up late... it was my own fault, but rushing couldn't be avoided. Liam wasn't ready to wake up and certainly wasn't willing to get dressed himself. When his fit and yelling started, I told him my job was to make him breakfast and his job was to get dressed. Reiterating a rule to an upset kid = no worky. So we had a very upset kiddo and a very persistant mom that needed to rush and get herself dressed.

Thank goodness Ian was home. He went and helped Liam get dressed, but his sour attitude stuck.

I was extremely nervous about taking him to daycare with the attitude he had carried all the way out to the car. Luckily he said good-bye easily once we arrived. I wasn't convinced that his day would be free of negative moments though.

After work I picked him up and everyone was in good spirits with a good report for the entire day. I was overjoyed! Praise from the mom all the way home. What a great kid!

This morning I woke on time, went to Liam's room to start the waking process. Went to the kitchen to make his egg sandwich. Went back to his room to move the waking process along. I whispered that his breakfast was on the table and I needed to go get in the shower. He just needed to get dressed and then go to the table.

I got out of the shower and then went to check on my sleeping babe. To my surprise he actually did what I asked while I was in the shower. Amazing work! I was so happy to see him all dressed and at the table chowing his egg sandwich! Good attitudes carried all the way to the car and he easily said good-bye to me so I could get to work!

We really do have a great kid. It's all about presentation. And sometimes I stink at presentation.


sumthinghappened said...

Kids are like swinging pendulums, horrid, good, horrid, good, horrid, good. Today Anna tipped over a grocery cart filled with groceries. But tonight she stayed in bed after we tucked her in. Horrid, good. Hope you are doing well!

Things' Mommy said...

Yay for the good moments! They are the best and remind you what it's all for. :) Good job, mom!

Saedi Oldham said...

He is such a wonderful little guy! What an awesome mom to stay so cool too! Give that boy some loves from me. Mason saw his picture on your blog and got all excited. He wants to get to play soon!

The Goddess said...

Glad to hear that his mood improved. It's funny because often we dont realize our mood and our approach has a HUGE effect on how our children respond.

You really do have a great little guy.