Friday, March 11, 2011

March 5 & 9 Catch Up

Last Saturday was a full day. While Ian was at work, Liam and I kept each other busy. First we went to Home Depot for the long expected derby car workshop. Liam took a lot of pride building his car and then racing it on a custom race track! He was so thrilled with the whole activity!

Next we stopped at our local library for the first time and explored there for awhile. Liam stocked up on Star Wars picture books and he found a Transformers one too. We also went through all the music CDs and DVDs. We came home with a large pile of borrowed items. The rest of the day he couldn't help but tell people about his haul from the library. We decided we needed to go find a special library bag to fit all our books. We found it and it's huge! It takes up about half Liam's bedroom - okay it's a bit smaller than that.

Once we had our library bag and the books/media safely stocked inside, we headed to the rec. center for Liam's swim lesson. We met Ashley and Liam was pretty cute in the water with her. He wanted to show off all his cool tricks instead of listen 100% of the time. We learned a few tricks to practice at home and hope to get him in a group class soon.

We got home from the pool and took it easy for awhile. Haydee came to visit with me and Liam was so good to let us chat while he went through cover to cover of each of his "new" books. He also got a healthy dose of Indiana Jones on the Playstation.

Fast forward to Wednesday - we had about a foot of snow on the ground that morning (March 9) and I had a feeling it might be our last snow. To make our good-bye easier that morning, I promised him we would go sledding when I picked him up that evening.

I was so glad we retained some of the snow during that warm day. We went down the street to find a sledding hill still covered - whew! He was a bit sad about Daddy still being at work and not having a snowball fight with him... so I surprised him with a few throws and he fed them right back at me with lots of giggles!

I loved playing with him that evening. We truly had a wonderful night together. We even went over a few steps to a playground and put the swings to good use. Swinging in the snow! It was so nice. Then we packed snow on a big metal slide and Liam shot down it like a rocket a few times.

After a few more cheap shots with a few more snowballs we finally made it to the car to head home. As I was closing his car door, he nonchalantly said in a glee-filled sigh, "That was a fun day!"

My heart melted.

As I tucked him into bed that night I said, "Thanks for going sledding with me." He said in a similar sigh, "That was such a fun day, Mom!"

Be still my heart, kiddo!


Klin said...

:) Fills my heart to read this. He is looking a lot like his momma lately. Cute kid.

Carrie said...

I love moments like that. :)

Anonymous said...

I love special moments like this. I can't believe how much he is growing up,so thankful for your pictures and blog. Looking so forward to your visit soon. XXX-OOO

Anissa said...

Your friend that commented is right, he DOES look more like you these days! So very cute and handsome!