Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Yes, Butterflies in December

See this? Liam made this for me a week or two ago. How sweet is this? I'd say very!

Ian informed me after he saw this post that these butterflies were made for him. Liam had drawn the first one and then was told that he had 10 more minutes before bedtime to do 10 butterflies. That explains why his handiwork loses quality towards the end.


Laura said...

Those are so cute! He has always been an amazing artist. Thanks again for the visit the other night!

Anissa said...

So sweet.
I wonder if he drew the top left one first and then worked his way down? You see how perfect and detailed and in the lines that first one is. And then it gets progressively less detailed thereafter? :) Cute kid. He is just an amazing artist for his age.

The Goddess said...

His butterflies are still so cute towards the end. It's funny because our little one will make a picture specifically for Daddy, then turn around and give it to me. So funny. I love their artwork at this age.