Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Frankly Put Update

So last Saturday I needed to work and Ian had a game he was going to with Drew. We arranged for our newest friend and neighbor, Haydee to watch Liam while we were both away. 90 minutes after Ian dropped off Liam, Haydee called me to say Liam said he didn't feel well and she said he had a temperature.

Figures. We send him off to a new person and hope it's a positive experience for all and we actually put an illness in her home which houses three boys and a husband.

Ends up I couldn't leave work as a few people had called in sick that day, so Ian had to leave his game early to pick up Liam. He also took it upon himself to take him to the Express Care Clinic to see what was going on. Since Liam had a cough, they chalked it up to a croup virus going around because his lungs and ears were clear... The PA gave him a 5 day dose of a liquid steroid for some reason... we later found out that was useless.

Saturday night was sad. Sunday was sad... though we did go to sacrament meeting and Liam actually slept through that. He was obviously not himself. Sunday night was sad.

Monday I stayed home from work with him all day. We did perler bead projects, watched movies when he needed a rest, played Memory, etc. He rested a lot. He was really sick. Monday night was sad.

Tuesday wasn't any better. Ian took the morning Liam shift and I took the afternoon. That night Ian gave him a blessing.

Hoping and praying for a miracle, I took him to school Wednesday morning around 10am. It took a lot of coaxing. Early that morning Grandma Dixie talked to him on the phone and he committed to getting dressed. Once the major morning flem had passed, I drove him to school. He did well. I didn't get a phone call. He fell asleep around 6:30 that night.

Thursday Liam went to school, but I got a call around noon and was informed that he had another fever and actually said he didn't feel well. I picked him up and he looked horrible. I've never seen a kid look that wiped out and physically ill in the face. He progressively looked better as the afternoon went on. We decided to go out to eat for dinner since he seemed more bouncy. He fell asleep not two minutes into our ride and we thought he'd wake when we carried him into the restaurant. No dice. He slept on the seat of the booth through our whole meal. We took the sleepy child with us on a drive and then decided we better check him out again before we send him to school Friday. He slept all the way to the Express Care and barely came to for his quick exam. It was a sad and funny sight with him that groggy. We were again told that his ears and lungs were clear.

Friday I dropped him off at school with the promise that his dad would pick him up in a couple hours. Ian did so and I am glad he was able to. Liam seemed worse than ever. He had coughed more the night before than the entire week combined. He was exhausted. Ian said he fell asleep on the living room floor and he had to transfer him to his bed... then he slept for 2 hours! I got home from work and we took him to a real doctor's office.

The physician said Liam had an ear infection and gave us a prescription for an antibiotic. He was concerned about Liam's nightly coughing fits and was happy to give us a stronger cough syrup with a narcotic in it. He informed us that the steroid he was prescribed on Saturday was a complete mistake, but didn't do any harm either. He enlightened us on the fact that Liam's allergy medication, Singulair that he takes every day is probably doing him no good. All in all, we learned a lot and I felt like a crummy parent.

Friday night was quiet and not sad.

Saturday morning we had a new boy. He slept until almost 9am.

Sunday morning, same story... we had a pretty healthy boy with a lot less coughing.

He wanted to go to church. I was so happy to take him for all three meetings.


Anissa said...

Oh my word! I'm so so glad he's better now. What a horrible week for you guys. Dang! Thank goodness that real doctor got him the right stuff. I'll be interested to hear what the doc told you about the allergy medicine...

D said...

Poor guy! I'm so glad the antibiotics were prescribed and helped. Here's to a better week this week.