Wednesday, June 23, 2010

He is well

Liam is doing tons better today. So glad that sore throat is clearing up. He ate a homemade cheeseburger for dinner tonight with no complaints. We were floored! (Because last night he could barely eat because his throat and a canker sore hurt him so badly.)

Ian has been doing all the meal preparations for Youth Conference this Thursday through Saturday, so while I was helping Ian with all the food, Liam was kind of getting in the way. So we sent him out to the garden to pull all the radishes (since they were getting kinda big and spicy).

He was so cute doing his work. If he popped a top off while pulling, he'd dig for the radish. Nothing was left behind. I didn't want to ruin his rhythm so I got some footage of his work from behind the window. He finished that up pretty quick. We still needed him out of the house so his next job was to take the tops off and put the radishes in a bag.

We are grateful for such a hard worker! He takes after his dad.

Those are lady finger radishes so they
look more like carrots.


Anonymous said...

That was soooooo great !!!! I had a lump in my throat. I am so proud of Liam. He is growing up so fast. Thank-you for sharing this with us. It made my evening. Love you, Grandma and Grandpa

Anissa said...

He is just such a great kid! So mature and what a super worker! I'm glad he is on the mend and doing better too.