Thursday, June 03, 2010

Flaming Gorgeous

We came to a T in the road when we left camp Sunday afternoon. Ian said if we go right, we head home, but if we went left, we could see the Flaming Gorge Dam only 25 minutes away. We chose the dam. Liam was so excited to see "Flaming Gorgeous" and so was I, honestly. I've never been on a dam tour before.

We arrived and took a look around the water and then registered for our free tour. There were only a few people with us and our guide was really nice and so knowledgeable. At the bottom of the dam you are able to feed the fish. Liam took full advantage of that. He collected all the pellets in his hat and loved watching the fish roll and fight for that food once he threw it.

While he was doing this, we heard a horrible sounding fire alarm. Ends up, another group touring had a child pull the switch and we were stuck at the bottom of the dam for a pretty long time. Once we were able to move on, the guide lady took a family photo of us. Then we hit the road for a long trip home.

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