Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Camping with friends

We had a great Memorial Day weekend. I got off early on Friday and we packed everything up for camping with our good friends. At 4pm we all hit the road towards Vernal and then towards the Flaming Gorge area. Kara's parents had scoped out our campsite in Red Cloud Loop the week before and her Aunt/Uncle had parked their camper there to hold the spot.

We all set up our camping areas as quickly as we could because we were losing sunlight fast as it was approaching 8pm when we arrived. Ian and I got the brats and sausages going to feed everyone once they got a break. Once everyone was set up, we all sat by the fire for awhile and enjoyed the evening. I don't think we got to bed until close to 10pm so Liam was feeling pretty big staying up late.

It was a cold night up there in the mountains. We decided a couple sleeping bags atop our blankets might be a good idea for the following night (Ian went into town that morning to pick some up since I forgot them thinking they were already in the camper).

Saturday morning, Liam didn't waste any time getting Brian (Kara's dad, Joslyn's grandpa) to take him on his first 4 wheelin' ride. He felt so special when Brian obliged. Look at Liam's face!

Later, all of us went on a fun ride together as a family. We climbed, ran through water and mud, and went super fast on the flat parts. It was so fun!

As soon as we arrived back at camp, Liam would get pretty sad. He could ride those toys all day long - as could his dad. Ian was talking about finding some similar toys for ourselves... and the mama said, "Um, maybe one day..."

Liam and Joslyn went on a few rides together. Everyone took turns taking them. Here is Robin (Joslyn's grandma) taking them. Liam looks so smug... like he owns that machine!

This shot was taken on Sunday right before we left... one last ride.

Another fun activity on Saturday was ADVENTURES in the woods. Kara and Jered took them on a hike and they got a little surprise from what Jered called a snipe. Apparently Liam held tight to Jered's leg when that monster made it's appearance. The kids were scared and then just thrilled about the experience! Robin took them on a few "adventures" in the woods too. The kids ate it up.

During the whole camping trip all the guys were finding dead trees and bringing them to camp for firewood. Here are some really manly shots that I captured of my guys. What strong men!

Saturday is did snow a bit, so LeAnn (Kara's Aunt) let us come warm up and play games in her camper. We ate lunch in there too. I had to take a phot of the kids being so sweet together. Joslyn looked sweet until she saw me taking a photo... both of them get like this when the camera comes out. I guess 4 years was a good run for them being nice for the camera.

Here's a couple semi-cooperative ones!

And here are a few out by the campfire that Kara took.

Sunday we ate a wonderful breakfast made by our friends and then hung out and gradually packed up camp.

Side Note: On Saturday Liam went out of site for a minute or two then came around the corner with the most perfect log for the fire. He said, "Look I got a really good piece of log!" We all laughed at that cute and proud comment and then finally figured out where he got that GREAT burning piece of wood. It was apparently found on Brian's trailer as it is what he uses to stabilize the hitch. When Brian got back from his 4 wheeler ride he spotted that perfectly shaped burning log and knew exactly where it came from. I am grateful he was so very gracious about the loss.


D said...

I miss camping with you on Memorial day weekend! Though I'm not sure I would be up for it this year anyway
(being 8 mos prego). :)

Anissa said...

We miss camping with you as well! Someday we'll make a trip out there over Memorial weekend so that we can reignite the tradition once more.

That last story about the log is dang funny. Such a cute boy.