Tuesday, February 02, 2010


I started a game (unintentionally) yesterday on the way home from work (and school). I said to Liam, "I am as hungry as a hippo!" He quickly replied, "Well, I am as hungry as a dog."

And so it went. Back and forth until it took a lot of thinking to come up with an animal that hadn't already been named. I loved Liam's reaction when I would think of one super fast. He'd go, "OH, {cutest taken-by-surprise laugh ever}! That is a good one, Mom!"

I need to take my camera tomorrow to catch this giggle on video. We played another round on the way home tonight. That new laugh is just so delicious I want a huge buffet of his delight!


Sharon said...

love this! He's such a cutie! :)

Clare said...

what a cute story, isn't is funny what makes them giggle?

utmommy said...

I love how the things that entertain kids. Too cute!