Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bathing Beauty

I got out the camera tonight while Liam was bathing. I love how cute he is in the tub.

I experimented with his wrinkly toes and some action shots with him spitting water. My favorite feature tonight was the focus on the toes and then another shot that focused on Liam's face and blurred the toes. So cool!

This fancy camera business is way too much fun!

Had to get a shot of the wrinkly hands too! His hands always go to his face... he knows when the camera isn't pointed right at him.

During family prayers tonight I took a peek at my reverent boy and he had his clean ankles crossed. I had him redo the pose after prayers because it was just so sweet.

He was being a goof eating his orange before bed.
This shot is my favorite!


Anonymous said...

Love that little boy !!!! Love the twinkle in his eyes. His feet look just like his fathers did at this age. Takes me back a few years. Good shots Gina.

Clare said...

love the tub shots!! i did that a bit ago with Bradley. It is the best place to get good pictures. they are always in a good mood!

Anissa said...

Dang he's cute! I love the shot of his hands the best. His face is so perfect in it.

Michelle Kane Photography said...

Super cute! What camera are you using?

Saedi Oldham said...

These couldn't be cuter!!! I love that little boy!