Sunday, February 07, 2010

Full Weekend

Friday night we had some company spend the night. My friend Jessica and her two little boys. Liam had a blast staying up late playing with them and getting up early to do the same before they left for a wrestling tournament. It was nice to have company over. I love Jessica and wish she lived closer to us. I've known her and her family since I was 6 years old. She's like a sister.

Saturday morning Liam and I went to the Shade sale up the road so I could get some cheap shirts, then we went to the library to return books and gather up some new ones, then we went to McDonald's for lunch and then we picked up Joslyn and took her to Jumpin Jacks. They had a great time burning off their energy. Once we took Joslyn home and got back, Liam sat on the couch for a bit to watch shows with Daddy... not 5 minutes later he was out like a light. So we all took naps and it was divine.

When we woke up from naps, we had some dinner and then I went to go pick up Tanya. Ian and I had a date to go see When in Rome and Liam got to play with her while we were out. The movie and alone time was very fun! We headed home and decided since we all took naps, we should pick up Tanya and Liam (take Tanya home) and then make a run to Krispy Kreme's. It was a great time just the three of us pigging out on fresh pastries. YUM!

In the car, Ian had our family favorite playing, Neil Diamond. Ian takes joy in helping Liam memorize the lyrics. It was so funny when he got the hang of "Don't Go There" when the chorus would start. Still when he was going to bed he was echoing the words, "don't go there..." So funny.

Today was church and Liam did well in Sacrament and Primary. Well, in sacrament I had to take him out for a few minutes. It's rare I have to do this and I always find a dark room with no windows. He's able to calm down and focus on my words in that environment. Blows my mind how quickly he turns around... I need a dark room here at the house.

After church we had some lunch and then watched the Lion King together. I fell asleep and he didn't. After my nap we got around to go to Uncle Drew's house for yummy food and to watch the Super Bowl. I brought a bag of tricks since there isn't much Liam-friendly things to do there. He lasted 3 hours there with the things we brought and some fun things Drew found for him. Who knew a pair of boxing gloves and a padlock with a simple combination would entertain a 4 year old for so long? Thank you, Uncle Drew. Once Liam hit his belligerant stage of fatigue, we said our good-byes. He fell asleep on the way home, but he did wake long enough to take a quick shower and get his pajamas on. He was so tired and was in a rush to lay down and fall back asleep.

A good weekend overall.


Clare said...

wow! you guys had a busy weekend! the jumping place looks like a lot of fun. they are about to open one up here in our town!

Anissa said...

What a great weekend. I love weekends like that. Productive, good family time, yummy food, lots of fun memories.

Jill said...

Your post made me tired...literally. I have about 10 more minutes until McKay bounds through the door. I think I need to lay down and take a nap, like your lion king nap! Glad you had a fun filled weekend.