Thursday, August 13, 2009

Monday - Wednesday

This week has been different. Ian has picked Liam up from the sitter and has been able to come home and feed him AND make dinner in peace. I get home not too long after that and Liam actually welcomes me home AND doesn’t mind trading kisses and squeezes AND cheerfully telling me about his day. There’s nothing like being welcomed home by two dreamy guys.

Monday night was especially sweet as Ian and I shared dinner at the table, Liam was on the floor nearby playing with his trains. He was singing songs, talking to himself, making the animals on the trains talk, etc. It was one of those moments you want to freeze in time.

Tuesday night I was out with friends and Ian took him to Thanksgiving Point. They saw the machines hooked up to a cow and watched the milking process. Liam thought that was amazing… because “That cow must have drunk a lot of milk!” Ian let him call me and tell me about it. “Mom, we saw them suck the milk out of the cows!”

Ian apparently had an agreeable evening with our son and even read him books at bedtime. (Something that is usually difficult to agree to when Liam usually fights bedtime.)

Wednesday (last night) was great too. He played with his trains while we ate our delicious dinner in peace. Then after dinner Ian went to scouts. Liam and I made banana/apricot bread and zucchini bread together. He did most of the work. Honestly. He fetched all the ingredients, peeled bananas, shredded the zucchini, cracked the eggs, ran the hand mixer, tasted tested, etc.

While the breads were baking, I gave Liam a bath. Once he got dried off and his pajamas on, I said we needed to go down stairs to eat some banana bread before he went to bed. On our way down the stairs he said, “Hey Mommy?… I love you.” So heart felt.

I don’t know how many times Liam has told us he loves us this week. He tends to do that a lot when he’s really enjoying his life. A verbal pat on the back for his parents... that leaves us in a quandary, "How are we so blessed to have him in our daily lives?"


Anissa said...

I love weeks like this. So special and so necessary to help keep perspective. He is a sweetheart for sure. That moment on the steps when he said I love you is priceless. I'm glad it's been so wonderful for you guys as a family.

RC - Rambling Along... said...

I just got a non-prompted "Thank you, Momma," earlier this week. Yes, he does pretty good saying thank you, but it was at one of those moments where I melted.

And the kiss he gave me just prior to the thank you, added to the misty eyes I suddenly had.

He's growing up so fast, and when they are so quick to show their love and appreciation, it sucks away all the challenging moments.

Klin said...

I love parental pay days!!!

Saedi Oldham said...

That is so precious! I feel that way so often nowadays with my kiddies, wishing I could just freeze time. They are so wonderful and never cease to amaze and amuse me! Love you cutie!

Heidi said...

That is a week you can always re-live. It's one of those times when you think to yourself, I could do this again!! I think you are coming into some of the best days of your life. I love being around my kids now that they are older and it seems to hit when they are around 4. I love when they are independent. Life is good. Great post.