Monday, August 10, 2009


Liam had his first experience with Utah's own amusement park on Saturday. We got some discount tickets and thought we should not miss an opportunity to show him some real rides.

We arrived at the park only 30 minutes after they opened the gates. There were no lines to speak of when we got to the beginning pathway-o-fun. Liam had no idea what we were getting him into on the Dinosaur Drop... he just trusted us and then the ride began. He was not happy. Whining and requests to get off were heard the entire 2 minutes of the ride. We got off that and he said he didn't want to do that ever again.

On to the Jumping Dragon. This one goes in circles (forward and then backward). Liam was brave getting on and then the acceleration was just too much and he cried. When the ride slowed down, he stopped the crying and said that was fun and he wasn't scared at all. Ian and I just gave each other the look of "yeah right" and moved on to the next 2 minute torture session. The Tilt-a-Whirl. I loved that ride as a kid and wanted to share the fun with my son. While I laughed my head off on each spin we'd fall into, Liam was whining and saying he wanted it to stop.

We hit the go karts next because we knew Liam would actually enjoy that 100%. Daddy and Liam had a nice long ride and then we went and watched the drag racers for a bit.

We tried to talk him into the big gondola Ferris Wheel, but he wasn't interested. We went on the sky ride instead and saw the whole park from above. We found the kid rides and he was real brave compared to a lot of other kids. He went on the helicopter, a kid roller coaster called "Puff the Little Fire Dragon" and Scalawags (he rode the dragon both times he went on that one).

While we stood in line for this mini roller coaster, we saw a couple kids just crying their eyes out. I was laughing with some other parents looking on doing the same thing. Liam said he wasn't going to cry. He even put his arms up so we could show Daddy, "No Hands" when he took a photo!

This photo of him on this ride cracks me up. Liam had to work the joy stick to make the dragon go up or down. Ian and I were on the sidelines trying to read that serious face of his. Ian's caption was, "This may look like fun, but this is serious work."

We decided to go over to Lagoon-A-Beach since the lines were getting pretty long in the park. The water was so so so cold. Liam was getting right in, but shivering in between slides and swings. We warmed him up and then Daddy and I took turns on the big slides. Liam was content to watch us fly out the chute in our tubes while he stayed in his towel. Before we left the waterside, Ian told me I had a dragon fly on my head. I thought was a nice accessory.

We rode the carousel before we left the park. Liam had a great time.

We walked out to the car and before we were out of the parking lot, Liam was gone. I think that is a new conk out record.

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