Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Heidi's Graduation

Our trip to Idaho this past weekend was pretty good. We left Thursday night and headed to K’s house. We stayed up late with Katie and Josh while Liam entertained his second wind with a great wooden tile puzzle. He made many designs quietly while we enjoyed our friends.

We all slept extremely well. Liam woke early on Friday morning ready to play with Isaac and Jacob. He got up an hour or so too early though. The twins slept until 8am and then the fun began. They boys played hard until noon when we said good-bye to our wonderful friends and drove the rest of the way to my sister's home town further north. Liam took a little nap on the way.

We arrived at our beautiful hotel late in the afternoon. We had made reservations on and paid about half price for a really nice place. It was great to have our own space for the weekend.

We called Heidi and told them where we were, so she and Sierra and Grandma and Grandpa came over to see us. It was a happy reunion with everyone. Grandma B was so excited to hug Liam. They hugged and then Sierra hugged them both too! Grandma was so happy to see Sierra and Liam play together again.

After a lot of playing and chatting with everyone, we broke up the party to freshen up and go to Heidi's graduation that night. On the way, the kids were in the backseat having a blast together. They were laughing and squealing like crazy people. Once we got to the park, the kids were let loose to play until the ceremony began. Grandma and Liam enjoyed the monkey bars together... well Grandma enjoyed both the grandkids as they darted from toy to toy.

I was so glad the ceremony was at a park like this. It ended up that Heidi had invited a little gal and her mom to the graduation and the gal played with the kids at the park while the rest of us focused on the ceremony. It was really nice to see the group of people Heidi had spent the last two years of her life with. They were commended for all their hard work and recognized individually for their accomplishments as they strived for their Dental Hygienist titles.

After the ceremony, more squealing and laughing commenced in the back seat.

We all went to Johnny Carrino's for dinner. It was so delicious and fun to be with everyone. The kids went nuts over Grandma's strawberry virgin daiquiri... And I think Liam ate a whole loaf of bread all by himself. Whenever the waitress would come by, he'd make sure she refilled our basket each time. By the time his spaghetti arrived, he was already pretty full. Both kids got antsy towards the end and Grandpa gave an honest effort wrangling them both on his lap.

We said good-night to everyone and headed back to our hotel. It was close to 9pm and I knew the pool would close at 10pm, so I rushed Liam into his suit and we took a dip for awhile.

Once we got warmed up in the shower and dressed for bed, it was time for Liam to see where he was going to sleep. Liam was tickled to have his own big bed to sleep in and so were we! He looked so tiny in his queen pull-out couch bed.

We all slept like babies that night.


Klin said...

I love this story!!!

It makes me excited for our upcoming trip to Iowa and Illinois.

Liam has the cutest dimples.

Anissa said...

I like that shot of the three of them drinking. You always get the best photos. I need to do a better job of that.
Wish you had a pic of him in that big bed all by himself. That was probably a very cute moment too. :)