Friday, October 10, 2008

Bed Time Update

He did awesome last night! I am so pleased! I hope tonight goes equally as well. Here is what we did.

6:40pm - Set the egg timer for a 5 minute warning for bath time.

6:50pm - Got him in the bath and set the timer for 10 minutes. (He was very cooperative, which is unusual - getting him in and getting him out.)

7:00pm - Set the timer for 10 minutes while we put jammies on and ate bed time snack, all the while counting down the minutes to book reading time.

7:10pm - Read three books and said family prayers (specifically asking special blessings for Liam to sleep and go to bed and listen to his Mom and Dad).

7:20pm - We explained if he sleeps in his bed without getting up, he'd keep all three of his cars. We'd take away a car each time he got up. 3rd strike would mean closing the door. He opted to sleep on our floor without his cars (this is a first). He went to sleep no problem, no car clanking, no fuss.

I guess I'd rather him choose where to sleep and stay there then changing his mind 10 times before he actually settled down (all the while clanking and playing with his cars). We'll keep the no car rule if he sleeps in our room and see how that goes. He's never slept without his cars the past few months. These are his "friends":


Klin said...

The car payment thing is a great idea. You are the expert on your boy and here's proof that you know what will work.

Here's hopin' for another good night.

Katie said...

I think using the timer was a great idea - let's him know exactly when things are happening. What a good mom you are!

The NON-Superwoman said...

Yay for sweet victory!

Alice Wills Gold said...

Glad to hear of your success...Many parents I know SWEAR on the book...How to Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems.

So, if the egg timer doesn't work out, go to the library.

Clare said...

oh I am glad that it went better, and maybe going to bed a little earlier helped him settle and not resist the whole thing! good luck:)

Aly said...

Sounds like a good idea. The only thing that has worked for us was the Supernanny thing where you keep putting them back in their bed without talking to them... over and over for several nights in a row until they realize you are not going to give in.