Friday, July 27, 2007

A photo in my mind

I so wish I could have gotten some footage of Liam and Ian tonight. I was upstairs vacuuming and had a bunch of junk I hadn't unpacked piled on the bed. Liam got up there and supervised my work and squealed for my attention because he was so high on top of the suitcase, etc.

I finished vacuuming and headed downstairs leaving Liam on the bed while I put the vacuum away.

I brought Ian back upstairs so we could say our good-nights to Liam. We found Liam still on the bed and he reached over to Ian's clock radio to turn on some music (clock radio - a toy they play with only when they are together). Celine Dion starts singing and Liam starts groovin' and is holding his belly at the same time. He is also sitting on his knees while doing this odd jig. He points to Ian's belly and lifts his own shirt prompting Daddy to do the same. He even insinuates that he wants Ian kneeling on the bed and groovin' the same way he is. I couldn't help but laugh at this unique sight. Two bare bellies dancing weirdly to Celine Dion. The way Liam was moving was absolutely a one time thing. I looked at Ian and said, "I couldn't video this if I wanted to, could I?" And he promptly confirmed that it was a no go.

I went along with his wishes, but now it's written down so I can try to recall this humorous scene later on in my life.


Danielle said...

So funny! What a video that would have been!

David said...

I agree with Ian-that definitely would not be cool! No such video of me and the girls will EVER exist!

utmommy said...

That would have been a great video!

BTW, I'm so glad we got to meet. Since we don't live that far away from each other we really should get together more often! It'd be a blast!

Lisa M. said...

I love those moments, the ones we freeze in time, to be embedded in our memories forever.

They are neat- and to have a text reminder, is even better-

It was delightful meeting you yesterday.

Thank you for the warmth and fun.

Terry said...

I could totally visualize this event in my head. How funny!

Anissa said...

Would have been a hilarious sight, for sure.