Monday, June 18, 2007

A Small Tale

Once upon a time there was a tiny boy who always woke up in a cheerful mood in the mornings. He loved to wake up around 5 or 6am each day. He was unfortunate enough, though, to have mother that was extremely fatigued at that hour of the day. She would nurse him and pray he'd fall back asleep, but alas each time it would somehow provide more pep to him instead of the sleepiness that she had hoped for.

After about an hour of climbing all over his sleeping mommy, this small boy would take her hand and lead her to the kitchen and show her the sign for cereal or banana or sometimes he would just bellow "CRACKER" really loudly. His foggy eyed mother would then proceed to make this sweet child his blueberry oatmeal and possibly hand him a banana to tide him over while the cereal cooked.

This boy was smart that he would listen to his mommy's words of "please go sit in your chair" and run to his chair.

... so agile that he would climb all the way into his chair.

... so patient that he would let his mother buckle him in and put a bib on him before being served his meal.

... so reverent that he might even fold his arms so a prayer could be said over the food.

... so ravenous that he would scoop each spoonful of berries and oatmeal into his tiny mouth as fast as he possibly could.

... so polite that he'd push his empty bowl towards the middle of the table and show the sign for drink so his mother would hand him his water cup.

And this boy was so MESSY that he'd hold out his mitts to be washed so he could go play.

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