Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Mighty Fisherman

I found this fish game and puzzle online at Liam is loving it! Though it's quite the advanced puzzle! I can barely get it back together. I had to print off the photo on the website and tape it to the back so I have a cheat sheet!

I bought him a few other things too.

P.S. I just noticed this is my 304th post. Wowee wow wow!


Danielle said...

Melissa and Doug have some puzzles like that too but easier to put back together. :) He looks like he is having fun. You will have to post pics of his room when you get all of the hooks up. :)

Katie said...

i can't wait to see the nautical theme you've got going. Pictures please!

Kristen said...

Very, very cute! ;-)

Hey, I have a new blog. I left blogger and am now on wordpress at just in case you want to stop by. ;-)

David said...

Nice fishing puzzle Liam!

Anissa said...

I love his PJ's in this shot! So cute. I don't very often see him with the pacifier in his mouth in pictures. Do you always take it out before taking shots or does he just use it infrequently?