Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Heart Strings

I have found myself getting tears in my eyes lately. Certain things have touched my heart with such force it was hard NOT to sit there and cry my eyes out.

Last week was my company's Christmas luncheon. Usually there is a buffet line, we eat, then the CEO of the company reports on how great the year was, then we eat dessert and head back to our desks.

This year was different.

The luncheon landed on our CEO's birthday. His son, the marketing director of the company, arranged for a few executives to speak to us about our CEO in the early days of the company, paying homage to the great man he is and always has been. There were some wonderful stories of how he got the business off the ground. He was quite the inventor and still continues to be a visionary to this day. I have always admired this man, but I learned so much more about him on this occasion.

Finally the CEO got up to speak and basically continued blushing as he did not expect such a hoopla for HIM at the company get-together. He thanked us all for the work we do, reported on the great year we had and said a few more heart-warming things about the company and it's growth.

He went to sit down and we all started clapping. His younger brother, the Development Manager, stood up as he clapped for his oldest brother. Someone else stood, I stood, then the rest of the company stood as we finished clapping. Next, the COO started singing "happy birthday" and we all stood there singing, honoring the man that created our jobs.

It was such a tear jerker then, and still is as I write this now because I am so grateful to work for such a wonderful family-run company who values their employees. I am fortunate to work with some of the finest people and most honest ones too. The culture of my company is one of friendship and support. It's a unique environment. I feel very blessed.

Then this morning I was given permission from my manager to bring Liam with me to a "department meeting" which was just a little breakfast get-together to thank us for the great year and little pep talk for the new year upon us. We also got individual reports for a raise in the new year. Again, I feel so blessed.

THEN, on my way home from the "meeting", I turned onto the last main street into my neighborhood and saw signs along the road welcoming a loved one home... each sign had one word on it. Welcome - Home - [Name] - We - Love - You

And wouldn't you know it, I was struck with emotion faster than I ever thought possible. I guess it's the time of year. I miss both our families very much. We won't be together. As I drove past these signs, I just imagined myself driving into my hometown and seeing signs such as this welcoming me home after so long. I can't help but get teary eyed. I hope the person being welcomed home with those signs feels double the emotion I did as I read them.

And then tonight I found this and cried some more.


Tori :) said...

I watched that same Kambry tribute a few weeks ago and bawled, and bawled and bawled. Then went on to read other stories much like her's and bawled some more. I've been a big bawl baby all month long.
Is Bro. Fordham home yet?

Gina said...

Yes, he's home... I think for a couple weeks now at least.

I did the same thing with the Kambry story... found many others just like her and just teared up more.