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Indiana Trip Detail

I know this is long overdue, but with the pictures taking awhile to be sent to me AND for me to draft this post... and for my computer to die (that had the wedding photos on it)... here it finally is... the trip details.

Wednesday, July 26:

Liam waiting for the plane.

Liam playing on the plane.

We flew the day away. Liam was a doll! He slept 40 minutes on each leg of the flights. We met Ian's parents in Minneapolis during our layover. Liam reconnected with them quickly. It was a short and sweet visit, but mainly sweet! I was so happy that they got to see Liam and that he got to see them! Liam was VERY impressed with Grandpa's cane!

When my mom picked us up at the airport I thought we'd be forced to strap the stroller to the top of the car to get it home... I finally got it in the trunk of the car after sweating about a pint's worth. Ah, I think I cussed over that. Then I totally lost my head when I got to my parent's, opened my luggage and found that Liam's powdered formula burst and permeated EVERYTHING in the suitcase. I mean EVERYTHING... Even the inside of my make-up bag that was zipped closed. Not one single inch of that suitcase was spared! So all my laundry done ahead of time and careful packing was wasted. Everything was thrown into the huge whirlpool tub to be sorted and washed in the morning. I had to shake a onesie off so Liam had something to wear to bed. And in the morning, all of our stuff had been completely effected by the humidity, you got it, the formula crystals crusted. Nothing was okay to be shaken out... It had to be totally washed. I can only say that this mishap is the only thing that went wrong on our trip. Thank goodness!

Thursday, July 27:

We got up sorta early to travel to the next town over where I graduated from High School. We met my friend, Laura, the bride to be, and her mom at her house. It was so cool going back to the house I spent every Friday night as a teenager. Her mom made us brunch and we chatted half the day away. We rummaged through old photos and got reacquainted with each other's lives. It was such a relaxing time and Liam was so well behaved. He even took a nap while we were there. We also helped compile the wedding programs while we chatted.

We stopped by another old friend's house on the way home. Luckily she was home! We had a nice visit and Liam was great once again!

That evening my friend Kelley came over and we went to a couple stores to find me shoes to wear with my new dress to the wedding. We found a cute pair and then went to Dairy Queen for blizzards. We talked for a really long time and had so much fun catching up!

I have known Kelley since we were 14 yrs old.

Friday, July 28:

I got to sleep in!!! Actually Liam slept in too, so "that was easy." (No Easy button required.)

Once we got up and dressed we went to the grocery store for a few more refreshments for my open house that afternoon.

Once we got back, we started getting the food ready for any guests that stopped in.

My cousin Annette was the first to come by. She was on her lunch break and brought Liam gifts! It was nice to chat with her for a little bit. She is expecting a baby boy in December.

Uncle Luis & Aunt Lori have lived in Guatemala my whole life, they now live one town away from my folks.

Later on my Aunt Lori and Uncle Luis brought Jimena (Annette's little girl). It was nice to see them, but hard to visit with them because there were many other guests filing in and out. When it rains it pours. Annette was the only one I got to really focus on the whole day. I had so many old friends come see me and meet Liam for the first time! Liam had a ball with all the kids!

Kelley came over again with her kids and hubby. The kids LOVED chasing Liam around and they had a good time in the back yard with him. It was just a fun day with friends. I am happy so many people came to see us!

Saturday, July 29:

We just hung around the house most of Saturday. At 2:30pm my friend, Deborah, (from the first grade) got there with her hubby and 3 kids. Her youngest is 2 weeks younger than Liam and I was anxious to meet her. She is such a small little girl... I think she said she was 14 or 16 pounds. She was so fun to hold and is such a happy kid!

We had made plans to go to a friend's house in town to use her pool for our very short visit. It was so refreshing to swim and play with the kids on the pool! Liam ended up having a really fun time with Grandma and watching the other kids. I was so happy that he enjoyed the water this time around. Here is a photo of him walking on all fours to avoid the funny feeling cement. What a monkey!

We could only swim for an hour and then we had to say good bye since mom and I had to get ready for the wedding and be in Indy by 5:30. I wish I had more time with Deborah and family. I am glad we could have such fun in the short time we had though.

Mom and I were in a rush to get pretty for the wedding. Luckily Liam took a nap while we got around. We finally got out the door at 5 and were SURE we would be late for the ceremony at the State building in downtown Indy. We made it on the dot and waited in the wings [Photo]while Laura made her grand entrance down the gorgeous marble stairway with her father. Oh, it gave me goosebumps to watch! It was a well thought out ceremony and so beautiful. We sang a hymn at the end (Joyful, Joyful) and to hear everyone's voices ring through the corridor was breathtaking! Just a perfect ceremony!

We met up with some friends before we left for the reception down the road! It's so cool to see people you haven't seen in 10 years and realize we are all the same kids we were in high school! What a blast to catch up! And there was more catching up at the reception.

[Photo]I was received as if I were the bride! Squeals as if we were back in high school! My girlfriends gathered round inquiring about my life and seemed captivated by everything I said about myself (as if my life is the coolest thing ever). In this group of friends, I am the only one married with a baby. So they liked hearing all about Liam (and the fact that I am a mom). My life was certainly uninteresting compared to theirs.
This is my other Kelly friend. We were work-out buddies every day after school at the YMCA. We also worked on many a school project together too.
Let me list some of the occupations my high schoool girlfriends have: Pediatrician, Republican Party Fundraiser/Party Planner, Youth Theater Director, School Teachers and one friend works for CBS in NYC! I wish I had a few days to catch up with each one for more than a few minutes. I have next year's reunion (10 year) to do that I guess. But I did get some phone numbers and email addresses so I can keep up with everyone better. It was a lively night of dancing, chatting and realizing how cool my friends are once again!

Sunday, July 30:

Ma and Pa skipped church to take us to the airport. We left the house around 10:15 after I thought I had packed EVERYTHING. When we entered the freeway on-ramp, I realized that I left my 512 SD card with all the cute pictures of Liam I had taken during our stay. Too late to turn around...

We were not so lucky with seating on our plane ride home. Fortunately we were seated by women on both flights. I was able to nurse Liam and he slept on both legs which was great. He did a good job behaving and staying on my lap, etc. I am so impressed with how well my baby travels (and so were the other passengers).

In closing:

Overall this trip was wonderful! I had such a good time with my family and with many old friends! Liam found my mom to be the coolest character on our trip. The site of her would prompt a grin and he would speed over for her to pick him up. That made me so happy that they got along so well. I guess my dad got along well with Liam too... he watched him while we were at the wedding. Mom said he couldn't stop talking about Liam after they dropped us off at the airport that day. I hope we can go back to visit again soon.

Liam enjoying all of Grandma's toys.

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