Monday, August 14, 2006

I feel special

Wow, I am so thrilled at the record breaking amount of comments I got on my previous post! That is more than my "100 things about me" post! And THAT has been in my side bar for months!

I was explaining to my friend Heidi on Saturday that getting comments on my blog is like getting mail when I was a teenager! I wrote to many friends at that time in my life and waiting for the mailman to come by the house each day (especially in the summer) was torture. And then when I finally got a letter from a friend, it was the coolest feeling as I ripped it open!

Comments from a friend or friendly reader is a great boost! It certainly doesn't upset me when I get no comments. It's just good to know I have friends and family out there that care enough to read about my life and leave words of encouragement.

I called Heidi on Saturday to ask if one of her boys had a pair of black dress pants that Liam could borrow for the prom. It had been since Liam was about 3 or 4 months old that I had talked to her. Pretty sad, but we are both busy and live about a half hour from each other (and not really on the beaten path to drop in on each other often). I met Heidi when I was right out of high school! We worked together in a care center and became fast friends. (She was an RN and I was a lowly CNA.) She is one of those people that doesn't lie or sugar coat life. She can empathize with me and really communicate that she "gets it". And I can't explain her much better than that without sounding cliché. She just rocks and I love that we can pick up and laugh and complain and relate like we had just spoken the day before.

And what really made my day on Saturday is... I found out Heidi reads my blog daily. I had no idea! What an awesome friend!

And I feel special because... lately Liam has proven that he loves me. He always has showed love for me in small ways, but this past month I have noticed his adoration for me has been amplified. He actually stops playing every few minutes to come over to me to get a "love"... he basically hugs me for a few seconds then returns to what he was doing. It's the sweetest thing!

He also giggles and makes a b-line for the door when I get home from work. I love his excitement for ME to pick him up! He has such a tender little heart and I feel so grateful that he is mine to raise! What a privelage to spend the lot of my time with such a sweet soul!


Tori :) said...

"Love" from your kiddo is the best!!
Congrats on your comments. You are so popular! ;)

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

Don't you love comments? I didn't even know how gratifying they could be when I started blogging. I try not to live for them but it's kind of hard not to sometimes.

Love those good friends... I have a couple of ward friends who read my blog. One just told me about it at church on Sunday! Surprise! :)

Robin said...

You ARE special! I thrive on comments too, and since I have been visiting more blogs lately I have been getting more feedback. It's so fun!

Ashley said...

aren't comments great?? i love getting them too but unfortunately only about 3 people read my blog and i don't really write that much that is interesting so i don't get many comments. congrats on 28! i'm happy for you.

and the love from liam thing--little bit is doing more of that too. as a matter of fact, last thursday i couldn't do ANYthing without her under my feet reaching up for me. if i tried to just hold her hands and let her "walk," she'd snatch her hand out of mine and keep reaching ("pick me up NOW mom"). it is very sweet :)

beth said...

Oh, he comes to get a "love." That is so very sweet. I love it so much when Sam comes over to lay on my lap or get a hug. It just makes everything ok, doesn't it?

And thank you for your comment about Sam's sleep. So good to have support. Sorry to scare you about what the future holds for you guys. Sam is really extreme though, so don't worry until you get there.

I'm linking you BTW, hope that is ok. I'm over here a lot.

itybtyfrog said...

Friends like that and baby loves are the BEST!!! Your 80's prom date looked like so much fun. Liam is so adorable in that little tux.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the nice things you said about our great friendship. I have to say you are one of those people that anyone can get along with and have the best time in your company. I treasure your friendship and take great pleasure in knowing that no matter how long it's been since we've spoken we'll pick right up just like it was yesterday making a bed or changing a brief together.
You are a great Mom and Liam is so blessed to have you in his life!!!

Nikkie said...

I just love the baby love! It always makes my day when Boo comes over for a kissbite!

Great friends like that are truly the best!

Kristen said...

I love comments, too. They are re-affirming!

Love from a little one is the most precious thing in the world! I'd love it when my girls (when they were babies) would open their mouths real wide and "bite" my cheek, giving me a kiss. Those are "melt my heart" moments, huh?

Glass Half Full said...

Isn't that the best feeling -- seeing your child's face of excitment when they see you after time away. :) PRECIOUS!!!

Maybe all of us bloggers should make a vacation date in Hawaii??? :) If only.....

Angel Baby said...

I LOVE getting hugs from Annabelle... it's really the most special thing ever.

So sweet, your boy. I can totally picture him checking in with you for some hugs and kisses and then going to play again.

What a doll!

Juliet said...

Your lucky. I seem to have lost my touch lately, because the comments are very few. I so don't feel special. Congrats to you, though. ^_^