Saturday, March 12, 2005

Visiting Verena

I didn't write yesterday because I went straight to Richfield after work. I met Verena's new baby girl, Annalise. She is only 4 days old. She was so small. It was so fun to hold her and kiss her. I even changed a couple diapers while I was there. It was nice to spend time with Verena. She is still in pain and recovering. I am so glad she doesn't have to work anymore.

When I got home, Daddy wanted to go test drive a Toyota T100 1996 truck. He's been wanting a truck for along time and it will definitely be handy. He will pick it up on Monday. We put a deposit down before we left the dealership today.

We we got home, we called Grandma and Grandpa P. Your grandma got on the phone and we told her she is going to be a Grandma! She thought we were pulling an early April Fool's joke on her. After she realized it was the truth, she got excited! It was so fun to share the news!

The T family are here tonight. It's so good to see them again! Alli, Isaac and Jacob are getting so big!

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