Sunday, March 06, 2005

Spring Preview

Today was a beautiful sunny day! I opened a few windows and let the clean, crisp air in. I love spring... and even though it may snow again before spring hits, it's nice to get a preview.

Our Bengal cats, Purr Bug and Orion, went outside and played with Daddy this afternoon. Even though they are indoor cats, they know what they are missing outdoors. They love the spring preview too!

Since we have found out you are coming, we have been praying for you. We have high hopes that you'll make it to your due date, November 6th. Firstly, we pray that you'll be healthy in the womb and when you are born only because we want you to have the best chance at life. Secondly, we need you to stay healthy in the womb because Mommy cannot afford to miss any hours at work. We both plan on working full time after you are born. It's sad that we have to think financially about this, but having a baby has a lot of facets... Emotional, physical, financial and spiritual. Hopefully all parts work out positively if we are faithful to the Lord.

I know all three of us will be blessed in the months and years to come.

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