Thursday, March 15, 2012

Self-reliance - Beta Project

So, we've put together a new incentive program to get our boy ready for the day a.m. and ready for bed p.m. Proposed new materials and tactic: Visual task flash cards and a 60 minute egg timer. He will be asked to get the all tasks comp1eted and placed in a jar before the bell rings. If he doesn’t get them all done in time, no reward.

We are doing a 15 minute time reward card that he will get each time he successfully does the morning or night routine on his own... to save up for Saturday use for time with friends, video games, etc.

All set for tomorrow morning's drill. Task cards, egg timer, 6 year old - all primed and ready! I am excited to see how he does with this.

Send good thoughts his way... GO LIAM!

UPDATE: Liam has done exceptionally well with this program. Each morning he's done getting ready way before I am. He also keeps the timer going so he can give me updates of how much time I have left. We've gotten out the door with no stress every day since. So proud of my boy!


Penny said...

This WORKS!! I did it with Oee and put it on a timeline and it Works So well! And she was so happy with being self-reliant and independent.

No more tears. ;)

Anonymous said...

Good job Liam ! I know you can do this. Good luck !