Sunday, March 25, 2012

Monkey Bar Master

We had a busy Saturday. First was Tae Kwon Do, then we ran some errands and stopped at a pet shop to love and adore some cute animals. This sweet little bunny about stood up completely to greet Liam. It was so cute!

After eating some yummy lunch at Cafe' Rio, we headed to the Rec Center for some ice skating. Yep, a glorious spring day outside - and the mom suggested the bike trail - but the kiddo wanted to spend his reward bucks on ice skating. So we had a great time having the rink to ourselves (for the most part).

After an hour on the ice, we started walking to the car - but wait - swings, monkey bars, slides... they called our names.

Yes, Liam has been a wiz at monkey bars for a few years now, but he really has upped his game since the beginning of the school year. I think TKD has helped his upper body strength along with his daily practice during recess at school. This kid was racing across the bars! Over and over again.

After taking video for a bit, I finally put him on my shoulders to show him the every-other-hand move. He picked it up and I let him go on his own.

His agility amazes me. So his father's son!

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Photo Girl said...

It was fun to see you enjoying your time with Liam. I liked seeing you laugh and play with him. :) (Well, I guess I didn't technically *see* you.)

Also, he must have some amazing callouses! Very impressive monkey bar work.

p.s. does it say something about me that when I first read your post title that I thought it was about food? (like monkey bread)