Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Fun Saturday

We had a really nice Saturday. First, I had a photo session here on the grounds where we live with a super sweet family (whose mom happens to be my roommate from my BYU/UVSC days). While I was taking photos of their growing family, Liam went to our darling neighbors' house to play! Liam just adores Gavin! And I just adore his mom!

After I got done with the session, I went to pick up Liam and ended up taking a few photos of their super affectionate doggies! They crack me up how they fight for attention and lovin'.

Liam and I did some chores around the house and hung out a bit, then later got dressed up for a big event. He was looking forward to Dracula's Dash for Hope all day! He was very determined to win!

I was so proud of Liam running this 1 mile race! He came in 6th place overall and 3rd of the boys. What a man!!!!

After the race we went to his friend Taven's Halloween party and he played hard the entire time! There was a haunted maze in their back yard and he only went through it once. That was enough. Cracks me up when he won't admit he was scared of something. It was a fun night for him and so so so difficult to say good-bye to his friend when it was getting past his bedtime.

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Photo Girl said...

Somehow I think I missed this post earlier. Isn't it great when your kid(s) is(are) having fun and you don't have to worry every second about them? Looks like you had a fun Halloween.