Saturday, July 02, 2011

Indiana - Day Three

Saturday we had a plan to meet up with my cousin, Jenelle, and her husband David and their sweet little three year old, Caleb. It was nice they we could find a fun place as a halfway point between Lebanon and Michigan. We left around 9:30 to headed up to Fort Wayne to meet them at Science Central. The drive was pretty easy and we arrived on time! Hooray!

It was fun to explore the museum with little Caleb and Liam. They loved different things of course because they are a couple years apart in age, but there was something for everyone. The mirrors cracked us up the most. Look at this funny kiddo!

There was also a crooked play house and that thing made me dizzy! Whoa.

After that Liam got to milk a goat and got a big kick out of trying to squirt the rest of us.

After the museum we went to their hotel to change and go for a swim. Well, everyone but me. I took photos and stayed mostly dry. David was kind enough to play with out little sport.

We got dried off and then went out to dinner at Logan's Roadhouse. It was delicious, but Liam was fading fast so we needed to say our good-byes and hit the road.

Liam fell asleep on the way home, so we had another late night hanging out at Grandma's then hit the hay.


SewsCute said...

Heavens!! We love Science Central!! Too bad we didn't go on Saturday, we could have run into you! We had so much fun at the Bible Tech area a couple of weeks ago. I think they could clean the place up a bit, but other then that we always have a good time when we go there. Glad you did too! Your pictures are wonderful. Love them!

Lynelle said...

Wish I had known you guys were in Fort Wayne! :( It would have been fun to see you and meet your Liam! :)