Tuesday, June 21, 2011

True Stories

Last night Liam needed some extra loving after a long day of fun and then a short yet severe series of naughty choices. After lots of talking out the events of the evening, putting new band-aids on his little toes from pool scrapes, saying prayers, etc., I was tucking him into bed and he asked me to snuggle him for awhile. I agreed to that if he would lay still.

I took that time to share with him (again) that Heavenly Father created us and that He and Jesus Christ should always come first in our lives. I told him the story of the Plan of Salvation and that less than 6 years ago he lived in Heaven too. He ate up every word. And he had lots of great questions. I went on to tell him about the Creation and what happened on each day. Liam said, “How am I going to remember all this? Will you tell me again and again?” I said, “Yes, I will. There is so much to remember!”

To my delight, this morning on the way to school Liam said, “Mommy, will you tell me more about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ?”

I smiled and then told him the story of the First Vision. He remembered parts of it from when we had discussed it a few months ago at the beginning of his Book of Mormon story book. I’m sure he’s been given reviews in Primary class as well. We also talked about how Angel Moroni helped with the restoration and his life and work on earth as a Nephite. (He is a big fan of Angel Moroni and loves pointing him out on all the temples.)

I should have known how much Liam would enjoy hearing these stories. I can’t wait to share more with him!

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the quirky one in the family said...

How sweet and heart warming! I bet you did eat it all up! It was one of those "I LOVE my job" sort of mommy moments!