Saturday, June 11, 2011

Little Buddy

When we moved from Provo, I prayed that Liam would find at least one good buddy to really call a friend. Cristian is our neighbor and filled those shoes for our Liam. We really like this little boy a lot! He is witty, brilliant, creative, tough, and handsome! Since Liam has similar attributes, they know what to do when they are together... it's sweet harmony. I love watching them.

Today we took Cristian with us to the Lowe's Kid Workshop, then to a party store side-walk sale, and then to a pet store. They were so cute running around together and sharing jokes. It's such an easy relationship for them.

When we got back home, we gathered the others to go swimming with us. Gosh it's nice to have our own pool!

This evening we went to Seven Peaks SLC and Liam found out he is tall enough to go on the water slides all by himself! He can even drag his tube up hundreds of stairs by himself! Sweet!

Here is Liam living up the last half hour of our time there today. He loves those waves!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures Gina! Brought back fond memories when I was a kid, getting out of the cold water and feeling the warmth from the sun drenched cement and to have a good bud to share it with is even better. Seeing them together reminds me when Ian was a little boy and he would get together with one of Pauls cousins little boy,we use to joke and say they looked like vanilla and chocolate ice-cream.... Ian was really pale and blond like Liam and his cuz had dark hair and looked very tan. Its funny how a photo can bring back so many memories. So glad that Liam has a good friend and that he can enjoy the pool all summer. Sure do miss you guys. Thank-you for sharing his little moments in life with us, I HATE being this far away from him.Love you Grandma Dixie

Clare said...

wow, he is quite the swimmer!! love the photo of him jumping in the pool backwards! adorable!