Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sun-Tues - Day 3-5 in MN

Sunday was a nice lazy day. Ian and I slept in, ate breakfast, and got ready for the day at the hotel. We moseyed on over to Grandma and Grandpa's house to hang out for awhile. Around 3pm we left to go visit the Jagoda family. Alli made us a homemade meal and the kids got along pretty well. Later we went on a beautiful walk around a lake. I was in awe of the gorgeous billowing clouds around us. Micah and Liam were riding bikes and having so much fun together. Two photographers taking a walk without a camera... it was refreshing. Alli is so much fun to be around!

I put Liam to bed when we got back from Micah's house. He was so tired!

Monday we met at the house around 10 so we could go to the Mall of America's Aquarium. Liam was so excited! In the touch tank Liam met a horse shoe crab that he was told didn't have a name yet. Liam suggested to the tank worker that they should name him Scooper! We all that was pretty dang cute since Scooper was really good at digging gravel.

After the aquarium we started walking the mall and found ourselves in a small amusement park. Liam not only went on rides, he met Spongebob! He ran right up to him and gave him a HUGE hug!

After a couple fun rides he finally talked Grandma into going on the log chute ride with him. Grandma outscreamed Liam. Liam did admit later that he was a bit scared on that big hill. We had a photo to prove it, but it took him awhile to stop denying his fright.

Liam found a great big Lego store and was in 7th heaven there! He picked out a bunch of Legos to add to his collection - Look at that Lego wall!!!!

We were a bit hungry so we found our way to the Rainforest Cafe. Liam was so impressed with the animals there! We sat next to a bunch of apes that danced every 15 minutes. There were lots of other cool animals all over!

We didn't get out of the parking lot before Liam zonked out. So tired.

Meet Roco - Grandma bought him a guitar fish at the aquarium and he sleeps with it every night now.

We got back to the house and blew bubbles with Grandma and Lacey.

After Liam was showered and down to sleep, Ian and I went to a late showing of "Something Borrowed." A very fun filled day!

Tuesday morning Ian caught a plane to Utah. Liam and I had a later flight and it ended up cancelling... we took a detour to Texas and didn't get home until 1am. Luckily Liam took a 90 minute snooze on our first flight. I was surprised and so grateful for that. He did so well with the midnight flight to Utah because of it. He got big kudos from other travelers when we were getting off the plane.

Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa, for hosting our favorite boy! He had such a wonderful time in your home. We all did. We are so fortunate to have such doting grandparents for Liam. Thanks to Tyler too! You are an awesome uncle!

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Anonymous said...

We miss you all! Looks like a very tired little boy on the plane. I have to tell you that log ride scared me, I have the death grip across Liam's chest, you get going pretty fast,look my hair was blowing straight up! and no safety belts to hold you in. I know, I am a baby....Our time just wasn't long enough, Liam is growing up so fast, we had a wonderful time together at least I did anyway. Miss you guys and love you dearly.