Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Above the mark

So when I was teaching Liam to ride his bike, I told him a story about how it took me months to learn to ride a two-wheeler bike. He thought that was pretty cool he had beat my 5 year old self by such a measure of time.

I called my mom the other night to see what the real story was. She said I rode my bike to kindergarten each day with the training wheels on. I had indeed taken a few months to figure out the whole balance thing. (And isn't it funny how a little tiny kid could ride a bike to school alone with no thought at all? I wouldn't even think to let Liam ride off by himself even without training wheels. Times have changed.)

Here is a photo of my 5 year old self with a groovy banana seat bike!

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The NON-Superwoman said...

Amazing how much Liam looks like your younger self. And oh how I remember the banana seat bike :-) Room for you and a friend!