Monday, January 17, 2011

Our Sunday

So we made the mistake of letting Liam play Donkey Kong most of the morning. When it came time to go to 1 o'clock church, he seemed compliant. He got dressed, he grabbed his scriptures, he headed out the door happily. Then something happened. I didn't take the right walking path to church. "Wait, Mommy!" {Queue tears}

Tears subsided but the attitude stuck. A bribe from the member of the Primary Presidency got him in. 15 minutes later I have a Sunday School sidekick. One with an attitude. One that wasn't very reverent.

A sidewalk talk in the wet outdoors. Two choices. Tried to go back into Primary but found himself in tears again. Beginning to think he is very very tired from our late night with neighbor-partying. Ah yes.

Walk home. Don't go inside. Walked towards our vehicle. Strapped in the car seat for hopefully a little auto-induced slumber. Interjections of the sadness to bring attention to cloud covered mountains. Better. Going towards the canyon full of cloudy fog. No sleepy nodding... Donkey Kong still on the brain. Head back home.

Deal made to nix any word of video-gaming the rest of the day.

Spent basically the whole afternoon and evening in his room playing pre-school and playing non-electronic games. Great bonding happened. Great kid emerged. One on one time that was purely enjoyable.

Ready for a new day at yet another new place tomorrow. He'll do well. He's ready.

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