Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The Best Neighbors

A few weeks after we moved into our apartment in Salt Lake City, we met some really special people. They live down stairs and across from us. All three of us clicked with their family. We have similar backgrounds and reasoning for being in the same apartment complex. It seems our life circumstances were parallel to theirs (minus that fact that they have 3 boys and we have 1).

They are much like some previous favorite neighbors we've had that just love us for us. They are thoughtful of us and we of them. We talk and see each other so often because it would be impossible to get sick of each other. Those kind of friends are hard to come by. We so appreciate the blessing of good friends.

A few weeks ago Liam was having a rough time at his new school. So rough that I got a call to come pick him up at 2:30 in the afternoon. I couldn't do that very easily... so I called Haydee (our sweetest neighbor and friend). She happily went to pick up Liam and gave him the love and attention he needed (along with her other 3 boys). The next week Liam was doing better, but Haydee checked in by sending me a text message to ask if I needed her to go pick him up. That previous favor and current gesture choked me up. She is just so wonderful!

Last night was Tuesday night. Since Liam is having such a rough time making friends at his new school, I made an arrangement with Haydee for Tuesdays to be our play night with her family. The past 3 Tuesdays have been a highlight not only for Liam, but for our family. We did a game night last week with all of us (it was so fun) and this week Liam went down alone. Not long after he happily came home to get ready for bed, Haydee sent this photo of Liam and Christian!

Such good buddies!


Anonymous said...

The easiest way to say things sometimes is just offer a great big hug or smile.... I am so happy to be able to share moments and thoughts such as these with a family like yours. I am all chocked up by this, and probably even blushing a bit. My words fail me now, but you have to know that reading this has been the highlight of MY day. My heart is full of joy, in my own limited words... THANK YOU!!
Your friend and neighbor:

Haydee C.

Klin said...

Love this post!!!

Miss running into you at WaMart, but love that I can keep up with your cute fam here.