Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sleeping Babe

When I see Liam's sweet face as he sleeps each night, I get an overwhelming feeling of guilt for how I may have treated him negatively during the day. The other night I was even more guilty than usual. I think it was Saturday or Sunday. He was run down as he fought off a cough/sniffle and still managed to be hyper so he wasn't channeling his emotions well at all. He was reprimanded so many times for going too far or repeatedly requesting something that wasn't allowed. He would have a hard time complying to our directions. So he resorted to putting everything into tears and whined requests. It was a difficult weekend. It's rough being a kid, I know. It's also rough being a parent especially when you have the same symptoms as your child... run down and can't logically channel emotions.

When he sleeps, the boundaries aren't being pushed to the max and I can give quite a few kisses without protest.

When he sleeps, he goes to a place where there are no rules or conformity to be molded into.

And when he sleeps, he charges up for a new day. Morning comes and he is polished and bright. He is a new boy with a happy face who has forgotten the battles from the day before. It's amazing what sleep can do... for us all.

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Anissa said...

Thank you for this post. I understand all too well. Sometimes it makes me feel a little better when I know that other Moms out there struggle as much as I do at times.