Friday, October 08, 2010

A Busy Week

Liam was such an agreeable child this week! This move to Salt Lake City is apparently sitting well with him. Ian asked him tonight what he likes best about our new place and Liam said with a round motion of his arm, "All of it!"

Since we introduced him to our new home Saturday evening, he's been a dream child. It's been a long time that I've said the word "agreeable" around here. I unpacked his room first after we got the truck unloaded (with TONS of help from our new ward - 10 people plus Uncle Drew and our friend Adam). Ian took the U-Haul back to Provo and picked up Liam at our wonderful (now former) neighbor Jackie's house. While he did that I stayed behind to wait for the Comcast guy to set up our internet. I also had a delivery of metal shelves coming for our garage. Whilst I hung out unpacking. Liam came home to a new room and immediately started playing with all his toys! His room is so nice and big and fits everything he owns perfectly. He stayed in there for long while totally content. He (Mom and Dad too) slept like a baby in our new digs that night.

The next day he was chipper until we told him we had to make another trip to the old house. He is out with the old and in with the new. He reminded us many times on the commute that he didn't want to go to the old house.

Ian has played Mr. Mom this week taking Liam to/from school and running a few other errands. Liam doesn't start his new school until Monday and it's been a full week going back and forth to finish the transition. At the beginning of the week Ian had to go to the old house to mow the lawn and pick up another load of items we left behind. Wednesday Liam had his 5 year old well child visit (which we needed to do prior to him starting a new school and because this was the good-bye to our pediatrician's office). That well child visit was quite an experience. 4 shots, an exam that included the privates, and peeing in a cup. When they were in the restroom taking care of the urinalysis, Liam said (upon Ian placing the cup on the toilet), "Keep it right there in case I have to pee some more." Um no.

The commute in the mornings was full of conversation and good times. The commute in the evenings resulted in a sleeping log child who went straight to bed or whined with sleepy eyes through dinner. Ian also took care of picking up Liam's early birthday treats for his final day at his old school today. He is such a good dad to take care of everything this week. (Thank you, Ian!)

As for me, I was living the easy life with a much smaller commute to work. I would then come home to make dinner (which hasn't been my job in months because of how late I was getting home). Then I'd help put Liam to bed and unpack a few boxes each night. It's been liberating being in this new area and taking advantage of all the conveniences nearby. We are loving our new home.

Hopefully next week is a less hectic time for everyone and Liam enjoys his new school.

Now to get the rest of the boxes unpacked....


The Goddess said...

Wow that was a busy week. Glad you all are getting settled and Liam is loving his new home. Hope that he enjoys the new school as well.

The Goddess said...

Oh, and the peeing in the cup story was hilarious! Too cute!

Miss Megan said...

Hooray! I am so glad you're closer to work and that your family is adjusting so well!