Monday, August 09, 2010

Weekend Report

So I am finally getting to the weekend report.

First we went to a friend's birthday party at Pirate Island. We arrived late on purpose because me matey Liam can blow through game tokens in a real hurry. I wanted the other kids to have a head start then let Liam do this thing. He had a really great time and was so well behaved for being in public. Here are a few photos from that morning:

After the party we went to the Library to drop off and pick up. We picked up Daddy and headed to The Children's Garden at Thanksgiving Point. I had never been there before and we were in for a treat once we arrived. We met up with my friend Suzanne and let the kids run free. They had a great time and I had a great time playing with my telephoto lens and getting some great candid shots.

This post has gotten long with photos. I'll post the rodeo shots tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures !!!!! I sure miss that cute little boy. Looks like fun filled days.