Saturday, August 21, 2010

More Water Fun

Ian and I were majorly involved with cleaning out the attic and garage today in preparation for our move in less than 6 weeks. Liam was really great all day. He played games on the computer for awhile and then came outside and played with his water guns. Then he was quite entertained as Daddy put our confidential documents in the fire pit to burn.

By that time we had a pretty good pile to give to Kara and Jered, so I called them and asked if they could pick up the loot. Kara came right over with Joslyn and we retained Joslyn for the entire afternoon. She and Liam got along famously the ENTIRE time. It was so nice to have two kids that love each other so they could stay out of trouble while the parents got work done. Thanks to Kara and Jered for giving up their darling girl for a majority of the day.

Those two entertained themselves with trains, moon sand, snap its, legos, grasshopper catching, and backyard water play.

Here are a few photos of their fun in the water.

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Anonymous said...

Nice pics! It's amazing how much fun kids can have in their own yard with a silly hose!!!