Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ogden Adventure Day

We went on an adventure to Ogden last Saturday with some really fun people - Kate, Brandon, Debbie, Ed, and Brittani. Kate and Brandon wanted to get some photos on the FrontRunner and then a few at the temple and then at the Farr Ice Cream shoppe. They just celebrated one year of marriage. I am so glad they planned this fun outing in the name of their anniversary and also invited Liam along. We all had a good time on the train and walking around town. Here are a few of my favorite guy. He is so precious.

I love this photo of Ed cracking up at Liam's antics.

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Anissa said...

Some of these pictures bring back some childhood memories of trips I took to Utah. I wonder why that is... Made me a bit nostalgic there for a second. :)