Friday, July 09, 2010

The Grotto

We finally went on this little hike up Payson Canyon on our Holiday off of work and school Monday. Liam had so much fun leading the way and doing his thing in the water - rock finding and throwing. We definitely need to do this hike again. Very short and very fun!


Anonymous said...

What a great spot for a little boy,everything they love to play with or in...dirt,water,rocks,sticks,dog and uncle and sunshine... loved the picture of Liam with his head in the water,it cracked me up. Great pictures,thank you for sharing. Looks like a fun place to play. Love you and miss you guys.

Suzanne said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun out enjoying nature. I can't believe how much older Liam looks. He's quite the little man now! :D

Anissa said...

Those are the BEST pictures of Liam in the creek. That one of his head in the water is awesome.
And that first pic cracks me up because it looks like Liam is about ready to whack the dog over the head with that monster stick.
Glad you guys had a chance to get out and enjoy the out of doors.

Things' Mommy said...

What a fun place! Looks like you guys had a blast--it's what summer is all about! He is so big! What a cutie pie.

Heather said...

Gorgeous pictures and it looks like Liam had a blast. The head in the water cracked me up too.

We've been wanting to hike this and have never gotten around to it. Hopefully by the end of the summer.