Sunday, May 16, 2010

We have a garden (again)

We didn't start on our garden until May 15 this year. No seedlings, no prep or anything prior to yesterday. And, you know, I think this may be the most successful garden we have ever done!

Yesterday morning we went to the nursery to pick up a few plants.

Liam wanted some marigolds in our garden too... that was his first choice out of all the other pretty flowers. Marigolds are not my favorite, but when Liam selected those, a part of my childhood came back to me. My mom loved marigolds and would always harvest the seeds each fall. And, isn't it tradition to have marigolds line a vegetable garden?

Anyway, we worked hard weeding, tilling, raking, and cleaning up our garden space. Liam was big help and it was so nice to do a family project together. You could see the pride in his face as he sowed seeds and placed the purchased plants in the soil. I hope he grows up to be a green thumb and veggie lover like his dad.

And Liam couldn't end the day without some little boy fun! The sun was setting, but that didn't stop him from enjoying the water just like our plants were.


Anissa said...

Sounds very similar to our weekend! :) We spent most of the day Saturday outside doing yard work and planting shrubs and flowers. I'm glad you had such a nice day together. I long for the day when we can have a nice big garden like yours.

Oh, and I think there may be some "technical" reason you plant marigolds by the veggies. You probably already know that though. The reason has escaped my very tired brain at the moment. :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a full day... Glad you had a nice family day. Liam is growing up so fast,right before our very eyes. Marigolds are a happy flower, they stink but thats what keeps the bugs out they don't like the smell. Love the look on Liam's face he is so proud of his pick. Got to have the fun water play at the end of a good days work. Give Liam a big hug from his grandparents please, we miss you guys.

--Hey said...

Love, Love the underwear shot! So funny! Good luck on the garden... I am getting mine in today..

Freckles said...

What a fun day. Liam is such a cutie, and your pictures are looking so good! Marigolds do bring back childhood memories, don't they. Thank you for the compliment on my blog.