Saturday, May 01, 2010

Get Away to SLC

So last weekend we had a complimentary stay at the Sheraton in Downtown SLC. We had been telling Liam the week previous that we'd be going to the penguin exhibit at the aquarium and then to a hotel to swim and stay the night! He was so excited to get there. So much so that the aquarium was kind of blah to him, or so it seemed.

We got ready to go to the pool the moment we got checked into our loft style room. Here is our cutie water baby.

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Anonymous said...

What a cute boy!!!! That chilly swim sounded cooooold, bless his little heart he loves the water doesn't he. Loved the big air bubble in the swim shorts and his laugh.... Looks like you had a good time. love you, Grandma

--Hey said...

I love that photo of him!! (the pool) So darn cute!!!

Anissa said...

Umm... BRRRRRRRRRR. I'm cold now. Kids are so funny about hot and cold, doesn't affect them like it affects us. Cute pics and video.

utmommy said...

Looks like fun!! I love get-aways!