Friday, January 15, 2010

A new camera man in town

So I got my new SLR camera today and as I was unloading it, Liam thought it was all about him... yeah, he tried to pry it right out of my hands and start shooting! Ian quickly redirected him to one of my Canon Powershots to use.

It was so funny how he was bossing us around to pose or not move or whatever demand he felt necessary. As you can guess, I was doing similar things with my big camera. He was so funny going around the house taking photos of EVERYTHING just like his mom, but in more depth... I was laughing a lot as I was going through his whole album of photos that he took around the house. Everything at his level was just priceless! I need to hand the camera to him more often. Such perspective... as well a major reminder that his mother needs to clean the house in a bad way. Some of his "detail" shots are still making me laugh. Here is a sampling of his work minus the photo of my crack, the dirty laundry piles, a nice glimpse into the dusty air return vent, dirty dishes and unmade beds.

Nice work, Liam!

You can see some of my sample photos with the new SLR camera here.


D said...

I love the first photo of you with your camera!

He does have great perspective.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

New cameras are awesome- love his view!


sumthinghappened said...

Congrats on the new camera!!!

utmommy said...

That is too funny. I love the things kids think they should take photos of. I've got lots of pictures like that.

Things' Mommy said...

Oh, congrats on the the new camera!! That is so fun!

Liam, great pics! So funny!

Jagoda Family= said...

It's nice that you both can practice your photography skills together!