Saturday, January 23, 2010

Blonde Boys

We went to Saedi's house for a play date this morning. I've been meaning to meet baby Kellan for about 8 weeks now. He's so adorable and mellow. I completely enjoyed snuggling him while I chatted with Saedi and her hubby, Dan.

As for the boys, they played so well the entire time. Look at these four. We always say Liam could be a brother he fits in so well.


Saedi Oldham said...

You're so cute! It was so fun to have you over, we need to do it way more often! Next time we need to plan a sewing or craft project to do so we can play while the boys are playing. Love ya girl!

sumthinghappened said...

Ahh, Saedi's new baby boy! Darling! And look at those boys, being boys. :)

Anissa said...

Ohhh... wish I could join you gals for playdates and sewing fun. :( Miss you all!