Sunday, December 06, 2009

Cousin Sierra Came to Visit

My sister, Heidi, and Liam's cute cousin, Sierra, decided to make the trip down to Utah last Friday. Here is what the weekend consisted of:
  • 4 year old jokes
  • much laughter
  • repetition of those lame jokes
  • lots of playing indoors
  • disagreements on indoor activities
  • mothers reprimanding 4 year olds
  • going to Target
  • 4 year old jokes
  • picking out a Christmas tree
  • getting "cousin photos" done
  • pouting
  • putting up Christmas decorations
  • 4 year old jokes
  • playing in the snow
  • eating snow
  • throwing snow
  • refusing to come indoors
And the photos - check out the personality in this mighty duo:

I love this photo!
Sierra finally gets her snowball revenge.
What a sport!


D said...

Love it! Cousins are the best!

Klin said...

:) Cool memories.

Anissa said...

That professional photo of the two of them is hilarious! Liam's pose and face are priceless. "Mom, I'm totally over this photo shoot and want to get out of here!" :)
I loved all the pictures. Sounds like it was an interesting and lively weekend. How can it not be with 2 four year olds. Sierra just needs to live in Utah so Liam has that built in friend you were wanting. :)

Karissa said...

Wow, he is growing up fast! Hope you are all doing well!