Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Morning

I'll have to post video later of our guy cleaning out his stocking from Santa. He got a lot of goodies from everyone else too! I especially love the jammies, robe and scarf that Grandma Dixie made for Liam. She also made him pillow cases for every occasion! We were so tickled with the variety! Currently it's Spiderman on his pillow.

See below photos of the glee Christmas morning. He got the dinosaur and Darth Vader that he asked for... and let's not forget Santa getting him Bakugan. He also got his first set of Lincoln Logs. A boy's selection of toys. He couldn't be more pleased.

P.S. Liam was excited to get Candy Land for Christmas this year. Last night we played before bedtime. He won the first round and I won the second round. He was pretty upset about my win. Talking calmly about sportsmanship and taking turns winning didn't change his tone. We'll work on it for the next round.


Anissa said...

Ah the spirit of competitiveness... :) I have a feeling my kids will be the same way since both DJ and I are way too competitive for our own good.
I love all these pictures of him. He's such a sweetie!

D said...

So Fun!

Kaden doesn't like antone else to win his games either. Oh the pains of growing up. :)

RC - Rambling Along said...

Glad you all had a good Christmas!

RC - Rambling Along said...

Glad you all had a good Christmas!