Sunday, October 18, 2009

Liam over a year ago

I was going through old photos this morning and found these darling videos of Liam painting. I know I never posted them because I didn't find anything super special about them back then. Today I appreciate them so much more! His darling 2 year old baby voice and the way he pronounces purple... just. so. cute.

Photo and video editing at

And check this photo out! Liam holding my hand when we were walking home from Rose's house. Look at that face!!! (March 2008)


Anissa said...

Such a sweetheart. He is a very good artist even back then. And much more neat about his painting than my kids ever have been. i love to look back on old photos and especially old video. Doesn't it just melt your heart and make you wish you could go back in time just for a bit?

Vika said...

Hey Gina, great videos of Liam. I'm sorry I always miss your calls. We were at my inlaws watching the BYU game since we don't have MTN. But I would love to see you guys.