Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A good day with an almost 4 year old

I took the day off today to take Liam to get his photos done with Evelyn at Freckles Photography. Uncle Blake had a big hand in helping Liam win her photography contest last month and I was so excited to get this session done with such a talented gal.

Liam wasn't doing well with obedience during our time outside and in the studio. Evelyn had her own bribe riding along with mine. Her's was candy and mine was a hayride at the pumpkin patch. I am sure she captured some great moments, but that Liam was on a mission to test us this morning. Gotta love the handsome head strong type.

After photos, we went to Bajio for lunch. Liam was so well behaved while I was in line and while we ate at our table. He got into the car with no fights and then on our way to the hayride place, he mentioned how sorry he was about not listening during the photo session. I really appreciated hearing that from him. A kick off to a sweet day with my guy.

We shared the hayride with a preschool group. The crisp air was wonderful. We also liked the bumps of the back country fields we were riding through. Liam and I walked up and down the rows of pumpkins and finally found a great oval one. We lugged it back onto the trailer and took a breezy ride back to the barn to pay for our half an hour of fun. I wish I hadn't forgotten my camera this morning. It would have been nice to get a photo of us on the hayride with our cool pumpkin.

On the way home, I about fell asleep at the wheel. I decided Liam better pick a movie out and we'd watch it in my bed as soon as we got home. I started the movie on my computer and then instantly conked out for an hour. It felt so nice.

After the movie and nap time, we went out in the front yard to play in the leaves. Liam was so darling in the yellow foilage. His main concern was getting completely buried so he could hide. He also made a great leaf angel just like he would do in the snow.

At about this time, Liam relayed that he had a "headache in my ear"... I gave him something for the pain and then listened to him whine with his pain while I made dinner. After we ate, he felt better, but I took him to the clinic to get him checked out. No infection, yet. We just have to watch and wait. Hopefully nothing comes of it. His dang nose just won't stop and he's sniffing like a maniac. Too much sniffing leads to sinus or ear problems. Nose blowing is just not his favorite thing.

Anyway, while we were at the clinic I found out that he weighs 42 lbs. I pick up that boy on a regular basis. It amazes me how my muscles have grown as he has grown - from baby to 4 year old.

I forgot to say on the way to the doctor, we listened to some of Liam's kid CDs. I was singing along and giving him silly looks. His goofy looks, in reply, made me laugh. On the way home from the doctor, we were jamming to one of my mix CDs. Liam liked all my songs or so he told me. His car seat dance moves proved he was having a good time!

Before going home, we stopped in to say hi to Joslyn and wish Kara a happy birthday. While the kids played, we chatted -- it was a nice ending to a great day.

I had Kara snap a photo of me and my boy so I could freeze this one-on-one day in time.


Anissa said...

OK, I didn't know you won that contest! How awesome!
Sounds like such a wonderful day. I'm jealous of your one-on-one time. I need to find a way to do that more with my kids. It just doesn't happen.
Liam is such a sweetheart. And holy crow he's heavy! That is BIG!

The NON-Superwoman said...

He is so doggone cute!

Danell said...

Cute little update! So glad you had a fun day together. Much deserved!!! You look beautiful!!!

D said...

That's awesome that you won! I love the one of you and Liam snuggling on her blog. And the one of Liam in his halloween costume! So adorable!

You got some great shots too! You guys are so photogenic!

Klin said...

Those great days keep us going as mom's during certain developmental challenges. I love that he apologized to you. What a great kid you are raising.

Klin said...

Oh, I forgot to mention, my girls miss the leaves. They loved to rake them up into piles and jump in.