Sunday, June 07, 2009

Our Weekend

Friday night after a delicious bbq chicken dinner by Daddy, Liam and I left the tired chef and headed to the library to pick up a book I had on hold. On the way, Liam and I made an agreement as to how many books he was allowed to get. We agreed on 5. We walked into the library and Liam caught the eye of an older woman (as I am sure his camo hat and darling face draws one's eye). He went right up to her and said hello, then she asked if he was going to get some books. He excitedly said "Yes, I am going to get 5! My mom said I could have 5!" The exchange was so darling, I don't know how else to explain the mutual delight between them.

On the way home we picked up ice cream at Baskin Robbins. Liam chose a pre-made Clown cone that got him ridiculously rainbow colored by the time he finished it. He was quite a sight. I got him in the bath then put him to bed.

Saturday was a day of work. We all got up early. I started cleaning up around the house, Liam designed a perler bead project or two while Ian helped the DishNetwork guy get our cable installed. It was a busy morning, but since it started at 7am, we weren't too far in before I freshened up and headed to Albertson's to pick up a few specific deals before that sale was over.

When we got back the Dish guy was still working on stuff so I stole Ian and we got started on cleaning out the garage. This project spanned most of the day. Poor Liam was left to his own devices (bubble blowing and collecting roly poly bugs) as we worked. He was a pretty good sport. By the end of the day he was playing with the two neighbor kids and had a great time taking turns on his trike, his pedal car, doing bubbles and sidewalk chalk and even went to their backyard for a bit to swing. After all that fun, we went over to a block party in a cul-de-sac nearby. I visited with old and new friends while Liam rode his trike in the street for the first time. All the kids had their bikes and were having a great time in the blocked off circle. (To Liam's dismay, the night ended with a disclaimer that this night was special and he'll never be riding his bike in the street again.)

Today we went to church but not before Liam had a meltdown. So because of that we were a bit late, but Liam did well in sacrament meeting with his letters and numbers dry-erase workbook. He is writing a lot of numbers and letters now. Very impressive as I watched him today.

I picked him up from his Primary Sunbeam class and he told me he learned about eyes and hands. He had colored a picture of an eye and also had a toilet paper cylinder as his telescope. Later when we called Grandma, he told her that he learned about eyeballs in church. He said, "if you cover your eyes, then you can't see and you might fall down the stairs." It was pretty cute!

After church we had some lunch and then headed to feed the ducks as a family. We all had a great time in the mild weather outside. The ducks were as friendly as ever. We even saw quite a few little ducklings taking after their mentors to be as greedy over the bread as possible. We found a special duck a few minutes into the feeding that didn't seem to see any food we threw towards him. He even let us get close and Ian ultimately picked him up. We diagnosed him blind and not just people-friendly. He seemed to want to go home with us and if we weren't pretty sure he was a sick duck, we may have adopted him.

When we got home, Liam never went inside (but to use the facilities and change into shorts and clogs). He played on his trike and pedal car for a long time. When he needed a break from that, he'd volley a small beach ball around the yard. He has such a talent for keeping himself busy and active. It was nice to be outside together and watch him enjoy. I don't know where his energy comes from.

Notice the concentration with tongue involved in both these photos.

I was chasing Liam - He was looking back and laughing so cute!

After getting very dirty muddying up his trike and helping me wash it with a hose, Daddy brought out a bag of popcorn to share before it was bath time. Liam was so cute sitting on the porch chowing the popcorn. We shared the popcorn and a big cold water bottle like old chums on the porch chairs.

Bath time wasn't a struggle, and neither was pajama time, nor bedtime prayers, nor books, or even song time. He was agreeable and it was so so so so so nice.


Anonymous said...

Cute pictures,a fun time outside,popcorn with Mom and Dad what more could you want. I sure love that cute little face. I can't wait to see you all soon. Love you, Grandma

Things' Mommy said...

What a fun weekend full of cute, precious moments! You are SO good to record all of those!

Anissa said...

That really does sounds like a perfect weekend. So many fun memories and way to go for documenting them. You'll look back at this post several years from now and probably shed a tear because you miss it so much.
It's truly amazing that he is writing numbers and letters. My kids still don't even know which letter and number is which!
"Addison, what letter is this? An "E"!!!. Nope, it was an "A"." Nice try sweetie. :)

Suzanne said...

It sounds like you had a nice relaxing weekend! The weather has been perfect with these thunder storms cooling down the summer. I'm always amazed at how active boys are, but that's good for me because it helps me to be more active...and less of a couch potato! :) I got the really good deals at Alberstons too!