Sunday, June 21, 2009

At the cabin

My amazing friend Kate and her in-laws invited me and Liam to stay with them for the weekend. Saturday morning we got up and headed to Salt Lake to meet them at their family garage sale. Liam had a good time playing with some old toys and what-nots and also socializing with everyone.

When the rain got to be too much, we started putting everything away. Liam helped too. He was so darling running back and forth for things and organizing items in his own way. The funniest thing was when he grabbed two old fashioned suit cases and was waddling towards the garage to drop them off. Strain was written all over his face. It was darling. I wasn't the only one that got a kick out of that scene.

When we were all inside drying off and warming up, Brandon's grandma paid Liam a whole dollar for all his help. He said he'd rather have a quarter, so he thought it was quite a deal to get four quarters instead of a buck. So funny!

We had a bit of lunch, visited and played awhile then headed up to their cabin in the mountains. It was raining so hard as we went up the canyon. Liam of course fell asleep so he didn't get to see all the major puddles we were plowing through. We unloaded some things at the cabin, then went down the mountain a bit to meet the rest of the family at a cafe. Liam did pretty well for awhile, but then decided he couldn't wait much longer for the corn dog he ordered. When he got that, we were all in the clear to enjoy our food.

We got to the cabin and all sat around enjoying each other's company. Liam pretty much stole the show as this sweet family was attempting to have a meaningful Father's Day Eve. Liam snuggled in with Kate and Brandon and then I noticed their shirt collars go over their noses. Yikes, Liam was letting loose in more than one way over there. They saw beyond the stink and laughed a lot over the ticking time bomb sitting between them.

The camera was rolling as Dad and Grandpa would read their cards aloud and Liam would start a new ruckus. Everyone had a great sense of humor and appeared to get a good laugh out of Liam's antics. A favorite Father's Day present was shared with Liam. There was bubble wrap that Brandon's dad, Ed, gave to Liam and that kept him busy until the next day! We were all amazed there were still bubbles to pop after so many sessions of jumping and dancing upon them.

When the presents were all opened, it was time for ice cream cones. We all enjoyed a yummy treat and then it was time to start settling down to head to bed. Liam went upstairs with me so I could get his make-shift bed set up next to mine in the vaulted corner upstairs. It was such a cute litte nook that I wish I had taken a photo. Brandon's Grandma was bringing us blankets and Liam looked up to her and excitedly said, "It's like a club house!!!" She was delighted right along with him.

The next morning it was still rainy outside, but we all got up and ate yummy waffles and bacon together. Some of us stayed at the table to chat and Liam and Ed went into the main area and still found more bubbles in that bubble wrap to pop!

We got dressed when we noticed the rain has eased up outside. Grandma took Liam to the river bank to throw rocks and I followed behind them with the camera. They were so cute out there playing. This grandma was very nervous about my boy falling into the cold water. Whenever he'd get close, she'd grab the back of his jacket for good measure. He didn't seem to get the fact that if he fell in, the water would wash him away faster than we could save him. He just got used to the jacket grabbing after a bit. I loved how doting she was. They had a great time gathering really big rocks to throw together. She'd always be rationed the smaller of the two rocks.

After they ran out of big rocks on that side of the river, we were led to another section with a few big ones to drop in. You'll see the before and after photos below. Right before they throw in the biggest rock of the day... then the two of them laughing it up because the massive splash all landed on the photographer!

After warming up toes by the fireplace, visiting, coloring and eating oatmeal pies, the rain stopped again. The sun came out and Liam let us all know it was time to play with the Wham-0 ball toss set. I couldn't beleive how much energy Brandon's Grandma has! She tossed and chased that ball around for awhile.

When it was time to say good-bye Liam's attitude showed up. He didn't want to leave this fun wonderland in the mountains. He was kind enough to thank the whole family for inviting us though and handed out hugs. We rolled down the windows and waved a final good-bye as we drove away. Not five minutes later Liam fell into a deep sleep.

Thanks for a wonderful and memorable weekend! We hope we can see you all again very soon!


Heidi said...

What a great weekend, even with the rain!

Anissa said...

That sounds like a great mini vacation! It's neat to hear how Liam likes so many of the same things that Ethan does. Boys will be boys... popping bubble wrap, throwing rocks, being the center of attention with their charming personality. :) Glad you had such a fun time.

sumthinghappened said...

Looks like you guys had a great trip!

Heidi said...

"A weekend at the cabin"...sounds so sophisticated! I'm glad you two had fun.