Friday, May 18, 2007

Smarty Pants

I have the day off of work today. I am taking Liam to his 18 month well-visit at 11 so I took the full day off of work.

So Liam didn't wake up until 6:30am for his feeding and I was able to put him back to bed. He didn't wake up until 8ish, but I just didn't want to open my eyes. I took him out of his crib and went back to lay down.

Liam commenced the normal crawl-all-over-mom-until-she-wakes-up bit. After having my hair pulled, books slapped in my face and tiny toes jabbed all over my body for about 25 minutes, I gave up and sat up in bed.

I looked at my darling boy's sweet face and said, "Liam, Mommy is so tired. I just want to sleep!"

Liam didn't miss a beat and immediately did the sign for "sleep" over and over.

He's only done the sign when we've been prepping him to go to bed at night. He'll sign it if we do. He's never done it by just the verbal que alone.

I am so tired today. I stayed up too late once again, but since I have the day off, I can nap when Liam naps. Yay!!!


utmommy said...

Don't you just love when they crawl all over you? I did not want to get up today either. I'm so tired. Maybe I should learn to go to bed earlier.

Tori :) said...

I love it when it clicks that those signs mean something! YAY for Liam!

Angel Baby said...

It's so fun when they start signing! Once Annabelle REALLY understood the possibility of every word having a sign she would learn as many as I could teach her... it was fun! (And also tiring and hard to remember all those signs.)


Ashley said...

isn't that feeling horrible (the not wanting to open your eyes one)? but the signing i'm sure made it better.

i read the kisses post--try teaching him to snap. little bit rubs her fingers together and clicks her tongue :) they are such preforming little monkeys!!

Danielle said...

Very smart boy!

Anissa said...

i didn't realize that you had been teaching him to sign. when did you start with him? i've been doing the sign for "eat" when they eat in their high chairs, and sometimes do the sign for Mom, but that's about it so far. I need to get more committed and move onto the next couple of signs.